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The Covenant Institute exists to teach, train, and equip disciples in their journey of knowing God and growing in faithfulness.


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Equipping disciples by engaging the heart and mind through a lecture style forum on narrow subject matters within theology and culture



A place for disciples to learn and apply God’s word over a 6-week timeframe

  • WINTER 2018 – Reading the Bible for Life

  • Winter 2019 – Doctrine of Man

  • Spring 2019 – Doctrine of God

  • Spring 2019 –Atonement Theories

  • Spring 2019 – Missiology - Introduction to Global Missions

  • Spring 2019 – How People Change

  • Summer 2019 – Doctrines of Christ and the Holy Spirit

  • Summer 2019 – Marriage and Family


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Catalytic growth in discipleship over a two or three-day timeframe. Conferences entail a holistic engagement with a particular matter in Christian living and discipleship