Belong to a local church

Does it really matter if I’m a member or not? Why do I have to go to take a class to even become a member? Why do I have to sign anything? People often ask these questions about our membership process, skeptical as to why there seem to be so many “hoops” to jump through.

It’s true. We take membership seriously and with a lot of gravity. Committing yourself to a body of believers is weighty. But it’s also wonderful. When Covenant Members join, they commit to a spiritual family that provides encouragement and support. They are called to a biblical degree of responsibility, service and sacrifice to their brothers and sisters. Our elders and leaders also pledge to assist our Covenant Members with care, counsel, prayer and teaching.


First Sunday – Learn about our vision, heart and values and have dinner with a member

Orientation – Get connected and integrated into the life of the church

Members Meeting – At the next Members Meeting, we will publicly affirm the covenant and welcome you into membership




Be known in community

A simple reading through the narrative of scripture will show that God has a heart for community. From the tribes of Israel to the seven churches in Revelation, the people of God are always being called together into fellowship with one another. Simply put, there is no biblical category for an unconnected Christian. The members and elders of Christ Covenant care deeply about creating biblical, corporate community. Our church family is committed to pray for and care for one another.

One of the ways that we facilitate biblical community is by organizing our members into smaller groups that focus on growing in Christ and disciple making. All members are expected to regularly engage in one of our groups. In a normal group gathering you will find bible study, prayer, the forging of friendship, and encouragement toward godly and missional living. Beyond the group gathering, members of each group become true friends and are missional expressions of the lo- cal church. Groups ministry is the absolute best way to build relationships and get plugged into to the life of the church.

What Is A Community Group?

Most community groups consist of 10-15 people who meet in a home once each week for around two hours to learn about God, pray, eat, laugh, and live. You do not have to be a member of Christ Covenant to be a part of a community group. All are welcome!

How Do I Join A Group?

Click the “Find A Group” button. When you register, the group leader will be alerted and will contact you within a few days. If the first group doesn't feel quite right, don't worry. You can visit several before making your decision. If you have additional questions about community groups, or if you’re interested in leading or hosting a group in your neighborhood, email us at



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Theological education in the church

We teach, train, and equip disciples in their journey of knowing God and growing in faithfulness. You will learn how God's story informs your beliefs and how to apply those beliefs to every sphere of your life as you are sent out as a disciple of Jesus Christ to your neighbors and the nations.



Equipping disciples by engaging the heart and mind through a lecture style forum on narrow subject matters within theology and culture.




A place for disciples to learn and apply God’s word over a multi-week timeframe.






Catalytic growth in discipleship over a two or three-day timeframe. Conferences entail a holistic engagement with a particular matter in Christian living and discipleship.



 Pastors School


Train for pastoral ministry

You don’t have to go outside the church to learn how to lead within the church. We believe it is the responsibility of the local church to train and equip the next generation of gospel-centered leaders (Eph. 4:12). Pastors School desires to create disciples who don’t just know theology, but lead out in it within the life of the local church and throughout the world. During the one-year program, you will participate in a transformative environment, learning about leadership, evangelism, and proclamation.


Our Seminary Partnership

We’re proud to partner with The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in offering class credit through Pastors School.