Belgium Ghent Festival

We will be taking a trip July 15-22 with 10-15 people to connect with local churches and help them engage the tens of thousands of people who a end the festival. This will hopefully be the beginning of a partnership in Belgium that the Lord will use bring many Belgian people to Christ. This trip will cost around $2000.

Colombia Exploration Trip

This exploration trip in Fall 2018 will consist of 2-4 people engaging with local missionaries and explor- ing ways in which our church could help to take the gospel to people who have never heard. The work is in the high mountains of Colombia, so some level of physical fitness is required and will cost around $1500.

Austria Sports Camp

Partner with Athletes in Action for a week-long sports camp in Saalfelden, Austria, July 7-14. In a region where evangelical believers are scarce, the camp encourages Austrian and European youth through sports, Biblical teaching, worship, the arts and other daily activities.

Middle East Football Camp

Zane Pra , VP of IMB, formerly led a Middle Eastern national championship winning football team and needs help, as he returns, to coach aspiring football players Summer 2018. We will be spending our days engaging Muslims with the gospel through the game of football and our nights exploring the most historic cities in the world. This trip will cost around $2200.

Indonesia Exploration Trip

We will be taking an exploration trip in Summer 2018 or early Winter 2019 with 2-4 people to engage with local missionaries and explore how we as a church can engage with the work. This trip will cost around $2500.

International Friendship

Build relationships and community by sharing a meal in your home once a month with local international college students. International Friendship exhibits the love of Christ with visiting students by welcoming, supporting, and breaking bread with them as they live and study in our local community.