Member Spotlight: Diane Corbitt


Commitment can take on many forms. A person can commit to a habit, a relationship, a goal or a feeling. At Christ Covenant, our members have chosen to make many commitments within our first year. Our congregation is a mix of members in different seasons of life, with growing children or empty nests. Ones who have been raised and nurtured as a believer and ones who have been born again for the first time since our church has started. Joining a church as a member requires commitment and a desire to join a community. Two members have a story to tell and hopefully inspire you to share yours.

Diane Corbitt has been a light for our church since the first meetings as a launch team. Along with her husband, Ashley, she has been open about their prayer for this church – which has been a constant one for the last twenty years. What an example of patience! Diane shared, “An interested core group of believers met in a home to pray. We watched and prayed as God miraculously brought people together, people like Jason Dees who sought and followed God’s direction and caught His vision for Atlanta. God has had his hand on this church since its conception.” The journey wasn’t seamless or easily traveled as the Corbitts will quickly tell you if asked. They have been members of a church before. Diane quotes Ed Stetzer when asked what makes Christ Covenant different -- describing what our new members do together as “a local [church] body living in community, agreeing to live by certain established godly principles and standards.” She stands strong in her belief of accountability and the strength that can bring to a church body. She has seen how a change in direction and church politics can diminish a flourishing church. She has seen what it is like to be permanent visitors who could disappear within an enormous mega-church. One of her fondest memories with this church is when she “planted my signature on a page as a seal” to join Christ Covenant.

You may be warmly greeted by her in the lobby of Sutton Middle School or are lucky enough to converse with her in a small group. In any capacity, you will see that Diane is following the Lord’s calling to become a member of Christ Covenant. Diane said, “joining Christ Covenant has given Ashley and me a place to devote time and energy, as we know there is untold future potential in our church.” Over this past year of being a Christ Covenant member, Diane has seen a change in her own faith journey. “My personal walk with Jesus has become stronger since joining [Christ Covenant]. I am challenged in my prayer time, not only my morning prayer, but making it an all day prayer as I move through my day; in my personal devotions, allowing God time to reckon with me and teach me what I need for the day,” she said. Diane recounted with me how the small groups she is a part of have challenged her and created a guarded space and time to study the Word together. Isn’t it amazing how these one year old groups are making an impact already? As one of the founding members of Christ Covenant, Diane believes church membership is a vital choice a person needs to make. She passionately voices, “We are to be a body knit together. We should not reject the value of membership. People need membership commitment because they need to be connected to a Christian community. Not for the sake of the faith community, but for our sake as individuals.”

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