Member Spotlight: Robbert Lathouwers

As many of you may have witnessed a tall gentleman pushing a cart down a long hallway in the early hours of Sunday morning or simply offering to lend a hand, you would venture to be encouraged by his positive spirit and easy-going nature. Robbert Lathouwers felt a tug to join the Christ Covenant mission when he heard about our church plant at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church. He believes that Buckhead can be one of the most impactful areas in Atlanta and he desires to make disciples in his Midtown community. “Leading up to CCB’s launch in September of 2017, I was also encouraged by the launch team’s service and commitment to glorify Him through our Gospel, Kingdom, and Mission work. This and Christ Covenant’s focus on biblical truth made it an easy decision for me to become a member,” Robbert says. In contrast to Diane, this was the first body of believers that he has chosen to join since becoming a brother in Christ just a short time ago. His passion to learn and desire to lead is conta- gious and can be incredibly powerful within our church body. His own walk has been impacted since joining the church as a founding member last September. Robbert shares, “Membership at Christ Covenant Buckhead has set the right tone for my family and instilled daily rhythms that point me to focus on God. It has also allowed me to define my life’s purpose which is serving others, spreading the gospel, and bearing fruit.” This impact aftermath has been just one result with signing his name on that launch Sunday in September to become a committed member of our church body.

One could argue in the midst of outward blessings within our church, there are just as many inward blessings. Robbert was elected as one of the deacons as we created our first group of church leadership. He cites this special day as one of his favorite memories and was so honored that the church nominated him into this position to help lead our church. He will describe the growth of his own walk as having an effect on many areas of his life. “[My walk has] strength- ened my relationship with my wife, Courtney, as we have frequent gospel-centered conversations, study the Bible together, and lead each other along this journey.” Not only in his marriage, but for his extended family as well. Robbert came to the United States to play tennis, leaving his family in Belgium behind. Fast forward a few years later and Robbert would tell you that he can see the Lord opening doors for him and his home country. He will quickly say, “[My walk has] provided me with clear direction to be a servant leader wherever I am and eventually support ministry to people in my home country of Belgium.” Our Christ Covenant family is the first one Robbert has joined and he values the commitment. He encourages us by saying, “I believe church membership is important because it allows the gathered and scattered Body of Christ to grow their faith, encourage one another, serve together, make disciples, and hold each other accountable. As a collective we are more impactful than as individuals.”

Knowing how these stories are just a glimpse of our church body, I challenge you to think about why you have joined Christ Covenant. Or why you haven’t. Our Lord God is powerful. We are seeing His Hand work in the people we interact with on a Sunday morning at Sutton Middle School or on a Monday morning at our jobs in the city of Atlanta. We believe joining together will inspire us, push us a little further, make us dive deeper. Where will we be in September 2019? Only the Lord knows.

StoriesRachael Turner