Mission Highlight: Jeremy Brooks

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Tell us about yourself and your heart for missions.

Our heart for missions resulted from beholding throughout the scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation, that God has revealed his heart and plan for people from all nations (people groups) to worship Christ for their eternal joy and his global glory. As John Piper has famously said, “missions exists because worship doesn’t.” Yet, we live in a world today where there are thousands of people groups who still have little to no access to the message of reconciliation God has given us - the message that creates worshipers of Christ. And Christ Covenant desires to change that. Christ Covenant desires each member of the body to be faithful Ambassadors of Christ, from Atlanta to the ends of earth. This vision captured our hearts because it is the most God glorifying vision for the church - that people from every nation would worship Jesus.

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How are you currently involved in missions at Christ Covenant?

We are currently involved in missions at Christ Covenant through a couple different avenues. Jeremy serves on the Missions Committee and helps Christ Covenant engage the international community through Christ Covenant’s International Friendship program. Through International Friendship, we create opportunities for our members to engage with people from hundreds of unreached people groups who are coming to Atlanta for the short and long-term. Jeremy also serves as a Deacon on the outreach team.


What does the future of missions look like at Christ Covenant?

The greatest missions movements have always been preceded by the greatest prayer movements. The future of missions at Christ Covenant will be undergirded by becoming a people of prayer. We desire to be a prayerful missions-minded church, as well as a missional church right here in Atlanta. To become this kind of church, our main “strategy” is, by God’s grace, to be faithful in obeying the great commandments, to love God and to love our neighbor, and in fulfilling the great commission, to make disciples of all nations. Therefore, we seek to be a people who worship Christ, love our neighbors, and make disciples who make disciples here in Atlanta, and among peoples of every nation. We’re committed to supporting and planting churches throughout the world who do all those things. All our efforts are toward this end, for the glory of God in Christ Jesus.

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