Member Spotlight: Thorne Winter

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When the Lord sets something on your heart, like he did for Thorne, He often leads us down paths where we can connect to others. It didn’t take long for the idea of an Arts’ Ministry to become a mutual conversation topic at an initial lunch meeting between Jason and Thorne. This idea led to the creation of the inaugural First Friday service that many of us participated in this past spring. With a love of the Arts, Thorne helped lead fellow artists to create a ‘walk-through show’ as the congregation prepared to worship together before Easter Sunday. Thorne witnessed several friends through a series of conversations connect to Christ Covenant through this art display. “That was a defining experience for me because it showed that God was calling people to this church body,” said Thorne.

Moving forward to become a member of Christ Covenant seemed like a prayerfully-guided decision to Thorne aiding in his passion for leading lost friends in the Atlanta area. “From what I have seen, there is a great sense of intentionality thus far in Christ Covenant community, as well as an eagerness to welcome outsiders and share the love of Christ,” said Thorne. He was attracted to the authentic aspect of Christ Covenant after meeting with Jason and started coming to our Sunday service with his fiancée, Rebekah. After taking part in First Sunday along with other new members, Throne committed to making Christ Covenant his home church. He is excited about expanding the Arts Ministry given his background as a SCAD graduate and his current role of Communications Coordinator at The Church of the Apostles and head of production at a small film company in Atlanta. His desire for our church community expands past the Art Ministry and can inspire all of us. As he told me, “I hope and pray that Christ Covenant membership will continue to grow and attract a diverse group of people, particularly the unchurched.”

In our congregation today, we already have a strong sense of community. We are a mix of young and older, extrovert and introvert, all welcoming new faces every Sunday morning. Thorne Winter witnessed this. He states, “There is something truly special that happens when a community gets invested in one another's lives and discovers a common mission and how to integrate each of its members into it.” His drive to create this community wherever he is will only add to the growth of Christ Covenant in the city of Atlanta.

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