Elders Training


Over the weekend of March 16-18, 2018, the CCB Elders went to Washington DC for the 9Marks “Weekender” Conference at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. The conference is held several times each year and hosts around 100 pastors, seminary students and church leaders. The agenda consists of training sessions, seminars and workshops on the inner workings of a Bible-be- lieving, vibrant church. Speakers included several staff and church leaders from Capitol Hill Baptist including Mark Dever, Se- nior Pastor, and a well-known author on the subject of church leadership.

9Marks derives its name from the 9 marks of a healthy church, which are (1) expositional preaching (preaching scripture based on diligent study, careful interpretation and explanation), (2) Biblical theology, (3) a Biblical under- standing of the gospel, (4) a Biblical understanding of conversion, (5) a Biblical understanding of evangelism, (6) a Biblical understanding of church membership, (7) Biblical church discipline, (8) Christian discipleship and growth, and (9) Biblical church leadership. In addition to seminars on each of the above topics, we also were invited to sit in on an Elder’s Meeting at Capitol Hill Baptist and attend Sunday morning services and Sunday school. Sunday afternoon, we attended a church membership meeting followed

by evening services and another church leadership meeting to debrief the weekend and wrap up the “Weekender” conference.

In addition to the fabulous conference content, it was also a chance for the Christ Covenant Buckhead church leadership to bond and deepen our relationships with one another. From riding bikes on the National Mall to visiting the recently opened (November 2017) Museum of the Bible, it was a great time of fellowship and fun. Perhaps the biggest take away, however, is that God has blessed Christ Covenant Buckhead, even at our young stage of growth, with ALL the marks of a healthy church!

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