The Montgomerys

By: Rachael Turner


2017 was a big year for Abbie and Andrew Montgomery. After meeting as students at Auburn University, they graduated in May and were married by September. As bright-eyed newlyweds, they moved to Atlanta and began their careers – Andrew at The Home Depot and Abbie at ADDO Worldwide. New to Atlanta, they desired to find a church community and were encouraged by another couple who attend  Johnson Ferry Baptist Church to check out Christ Covenant. “We were so welcomed by all the wonderful people at Christ Covenant. People saw that we were unfamiliar faces and went out of their way to make sure we were cared for from the moment we parked our car until we left church,” said Abbie and Andrew when asked about their first few visits..

Abbie and Andrew quickly stepped into our Gospel- centered community. They attribute their decisions to become members and dive into the Thompson’s small group to how they were welcomed on that first Sunday at Sutton Middle School. “Because it was evident that the members of this church are caring and intentional as well as Spirit-led and Biblically sound, we knew we wanted to plant our lives here. We knew we wanted to become a part of that family,” they said.

As part of the new member process, they attended a First Sunday meeting and sat down with Jason to learn more about the church’s goals and mission for the city of Atlanta. In January, Andrew  publicly committed himself to Christ through Baptism in front of his new church family.

When asked what “becoming family” means to them, the Montgomery’s had a unique perspective thanks, in large part, to what they’ve experienced thus far at Christ Covenant.. “Becoming family has [meant] finding such a welcoming group of people [who are] living out the Gospel intentionally with a focus on community. Families create an atmosphere that allows for happiness, vulnerability, and accountability. We believe that Christ Covenant purposefully provides opportunities for its members to do this well.” Their personal experience speaks testimony into what our church is striving to do with each and every member that walks through our doors.

It is safe to say the Montgomerys are fully charged for Christ Covenant’s mission in 2018 and beyond. Both are looking forward to reflecting the Gospel throughout our city and growing closer to their fellow members.

“Our heartbeat for CCB and its members is for each of us to grow deeper in knowledge and love for Jesus Christ through prayer, reading the Word, and service. We hope that through the years Atlanta doesn’t see “Christ Covenant,” but instead it sees a group of people who fiercely love the Lord and proclaim the Gospel boldly.”

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