Sons of Scripture

Advent is the celebration of the coming of Jesus.  As we remember the saints who looked forward to the first coming of Jesus, we look forward to the second coming of Jesus. 

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Son of Judgment

From the time of the fall God has had a plan in mind to crush the power of sin through the offspring of Eve.  Ultimately Jesus was that offspring, who for our sake became sin and was crushed (Isaiah 53) on the cross; but who in his resurrection crushed the curse of sin and the power of death.  Now sin and death have no hold on all who are in Christ. 

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Son of the Promise

Abraham did not withhold even his only son when God commanded him to sacrifice Isaac because (as we read in Hebrews 11) he reasoned that God could raise the dead. All of this was looking forward to Jesus, the only Son of God, the true Son of the promise, who was sacrificed on the cross and who God raised from the dead; and through faith in Jesus we are all raised from the dead. 

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Son of the Eternal Kingdom

God's word to David through Nathan was that He would establish a house for him, an eternal throne.  When the kingdom of Israel divided and was taken into exile it seemed like this promise would never be fulfilled.  Then Jesus came, the ultimate Son of the promise, who after his resurrection ascended to heaven to sit on his throne forever.  All who have faith in Jesus have the hope of life with him in his eternal kingdom. 

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Son of Salvation

Maher-shalal-hash-baz was the sign from that Judah would be saved.  He was only a foretaste of the the ultimate Son of salvation, Jesus, who brings eternal salvation from sin and death, and eternal relief from all evil.

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Sun of Righteousness

Jesus is a signal of light and salvation to all who believe but a signal of destruction for all who deny him.  He is the sun of righteousness.

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