Teach Them Diligently


Not to long ago, I read a report about Atlanta in the year 2100. The author was guessing that, at that time, Atlanta would be one of the three largest cities in the United States. It’s hard to know exactly what Atlanta will be like 80 years from now, but I am hopeful that many of the people who will be leading and shaping the church in Atlanta in the year 2100 are in our own church nursery right now. It’s an enormous responsibility that the Lord has given those of us who are parents to pass off our faith to the next generation and to teach the word of the Lord diligently to our children. In light of this, we want to be a church that does two things really well. We want to equip parents to know the word of God and how to apply it to the hearts of their children, and we want to be a church that comes alongside parents to help press the truth of God’s word into the lives of our children.

We hope you are equipped to know God’s word in all of our discipleship channels-from corporate worship, to communi- ty group, to the Spotted Cow-but more precisely, we hope to equip you through Gospel Parenting Seminars, the Covenant Institute, and your relationships with other members of our covenant family. We can learn a lot from those Christian parents who have been there before, both from their suc- cesses and their mistakes.

As we approach our first birthday, one of the things that I ampraying about and am very focused on is the development
of our Family Ministry for children and students. Jess andBlake have given us great leadership in our first year, but weall recognize that we can do a better job in coming alongside you as parents to better equip and disciple your students. I want us to be a church where we have a deep concern for our spiritual sons and daughters, or spiritual little brothers, sisters. I want us to be a church where our members are diligently walking alongside our children and students to teach them God’s word I am hopeful and prayerful that God will raise up many spiritual fathers and mothers among us and that our children and student ministries will grow to be the best in our city this year.

Remember, we are a family of believers called by God to
love and minister to one another and to be on mission to reach our city with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we want this love and this mission to be particularly focused on our children. Thanks for taking some time to read through this edition of Covenant Quarterly where you will learn more about what God is doing in and through our church and what we hope he will do in the days to come.

In Christ,
Jason Edwin Dees

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