Deacon Retreat 2018

By: Ashley Corbitt

Christ Covenant held its first Deacon Retreat January 5-6, 2018 in Blue Ridge, Georgia.  The deacons, elders and staff enjoyed a wonderful time getting to know each other and discerning God’s plan for our church.  It was amazing to watch deacons with different gifts interact with each other.  

Christ Covenant has nine deacons serving in 2018.  We divided our deacons into three deacon teams:  Care, Prayer and Outreach.  The Care Team consists of Therian Webb, David Patton and Garrett Mack.  The Prayer Team includes Brad Smith, Peter Schulte and Robbert Lathouwers. The Outreach Team includes Ashley Corbitt, Clay Turner and Graham Thompson.

During our retreat, each team was assigned several elders to assist, and action plans were developed to serve our current members, future members and visitors.  At the end of the retreat, each team presented an outline of their plan and discussed it with the larger group.

Everyone came away excited about what our church has in store this year.  As you look around each Sunday, you see our church growing. Increased numbers mean increased opportunities.   As long as we remain focused on God’s plan for our church, He will continue to bless us with members with talents, needs and resources.

Nine deacons and six elders cannot - and do not - provide all the services needed for our congregation. Every Sunday you see people from all areas of our congregation serving.  Some are visible, like in the Connect Area, and some you may not see unless you have children or get to church early to see the service area and lounge being set up and later broken down with precision.

As we grow, we ask that you find a place to serve.  We have many needs.  We currently have eleven service areas in our church.  If you are a visitor, we welcome the opportunity to share the vision of our church with you!

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